Sunday, June 17, 2012


Ella was sharing secrets with her cousin this weekend ... 

Cutest thing I have seen (both baby, belly and mommy) <3

Cupcakes & Chucks

We had brunch with my family for fathers day. It was also an early birthday celebration for Bryan (as he will be out of town working on the big day). The afternoon ended with almost everyone falling asleep on the couch ... Perfect ending to a great afternoon with family!

Got to love Ella's "cheese" face !

Cupcakes, as always, by JohnBull Cupcakery
We had Flash Cupcakes (Red Velvet with banana pudding filling) and Red Velvet with cream cheese icing

These were Funfetti cupcakes with Pink Lemonade frosting

So many candles, we need a fire extinguisher, just in case :)

Some one is excited about their new shoes!

We have been looking for MONTHS and a2 found them, right under their nose!!! GREAT JOB guys!!

Happy Early Father's Day a2

My baby sister (and by baby I mean 23 years of age) is expecting her first baby in October. She asked me if I would assist her with a fathers day gift for her husband! She is one HOT MAMA!!
 Here are the results: 

Happy Father's Day!!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mother's Day in DC

Bryan and the kids to me to DC for the day for Mother's Day this year!!! For as many times as we have been before, I had a wonderful time :) It was fun to explain history to the kids or for them to ask questions because they had learned about it in school. Ella was her usual charming self, talking and dancing for every and anyone that would look at her.

Someone didn't like me taking photo's of the white house :o
Real like Call of Duty moment

WW2 Memorial

The model herself ....

She looks like Shirley Temple here!

For my dad and everyone in the armed forces that keep us safe!

Love love love how this turned out!

My family!