Saturday, March 17, 2012

Overnight with cousins

Trying to finish my updated form California.

This night, we went over to my Uncle Steve and Aunt Erin's house. Their children are almost the same age as our children. And to make it ever more spectacular, Uncle Steve is a huge Star Wars fan which excited Elijah to no end!! Uncle Steve has a whole man cave dedicated to Star Wars memorabilia however I did not go in the room. I stayed downstairs with Aunt Erin and my beautiful baby cousin Ava who is 7 months older than Ella. The girls (and the mom's) had a great night together. Elijah and Elyse ended up staying the night, which quite possibly was the highlight of the trip for them. Thank you Uncle Steve, Aunt Erin and the girls for all the memories we made and the ones to come!

Uncle Steve had a voice controlled R2D2 .. Ella was scared of it!


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