Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bringer of Rain, Slayer of Theokoles!

I will update/post more later but I need to get these videos up that my husband took/got at San Diego Comic Convention this weekend!! He has scored major points in the best husband category.

(this was updated : Fixed posting the wrong video under #3)

Surprise #1

Katrina Law, Mira from Spartacus (on Starz ... The only reason why we pay for premium movie channels .. and that is not a lie .. ask B) met my husband a few weeks back in Philly. He got me an autograph and "said" he told her about me (didn't quite believe him at first).

Then she TWEETED ME (Nerd I know).

They meet up again in San Diego over the weeks and not only does she remember him ... SHE REMEMBERS ME :) Listen to her say .. your wife your wife :)

(had to post to youtube to get on the blog ... womp womp)

Click here :)

Here is their photo together!! (and I love all of you for saying we look alike ... I WISH)

Surprise #2

"Hi Melissa!!!" ... SUMS IT ALL UP!! (Liam looks over too :) <3 mmmm sigh )

Surprise #3

Manu Bennett (Crixus from Spartacus) walks by and what happens next is a fans biggest dream.

The most gorgeous and amazingly friendly cast and I have never met them. You can tell they truly love their fans (and we TRULY LOVE THEM)

Anyone wanna help get me to Chicago so I can thank Katrina Law (and the entire cast) in person AND FINALLY MEET HER?!?!?! (I know she is dying to put a face to my name ;) )

If you have absolutely no idea what I am talking about, crawl out from under the rock you are living in and check this out ... Official Trailer for the Fourth (and say it ain't so) FINAL :( season.

Already planning our Second Annual Spartacus kick off viewing party in Jan of 2013!! 

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  1. seeing that cast was WAY better than sitting in a line for 2 hours to sit far away in a panel. that was the best day EVAR!!