Friday, August 17, 2012

Happy Birds-Day, Elijah!!

Our first born, Elijah Cade turned 10 at the end of July. 
Naturally we had an Angry Birds themed birthday party for him. Here are some (alot of) pics and I will post others in another entery from all the arts and crafts lading up to the big day!

Our food labels ...

This one was my favorite ...

Some of the themed food ...
Doritos as birds beaks
Peanuts as bird seed
Jello worms as birds food 
(coming in a separate post)

Veggie Tray as pigs food
Pigs in a Blanket
(kinda morbid ... I know)

Hot wings and Honey BBQ as birds wings
(kinda morbid again ... I know)

Pretzel for birds nest
M&M's and Hershey kisses as bird poop

The cupcakes ... how GREAT are they?!?!?!

King Pig Pinata .. of course 

Shirts we made for the kids (little kids had one too)

We held a Golden Egg hunt ... 

Elijah found the first one

Ella modeling for the camera
(check out the shirt)

Good bags!

After we ate all the food ... it was time to get those pigs!!

This is the one that was set up for the little kids

Ella trying to get the pig

Kylee is not too sure about all this ...

Then the little ladies found where we were hiding all the balls ...

Big kids set up ...

They threw the balls from the deck ...

Kylee is still a little unsure ...


Can you see how Liam (the grand prize winner) got the pig?!?

Time for singing ... 

Kids loved the cupcakes ...

Even Auntie Aly

Ella was falling sleep .. hahahah

Now to work off the sugar with the pinata ...

And now time for gifts ...

Yes, Ella is eating Nerds off the floors
Yes, Kylee is wondering what the heck is going on
Yes, Elliot is joining in on the fun!!

Of course we had to play angry birds

Little one having their own train party!

Yes, he put his glasses on OVER his mask while playing angry birds

And to end it .. a causality from the party! :)

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