Friday, August 17, 2012

Knock off a knock off

First let me say .. if you do not know who Natasha is, let this be my introduction 

Her blog ... here
Her Twitter ... here
Her Pinterest ... here

 If you are not following her or have never read her blog, as a mom and a women, i personally think you are missing out. Some of her entries have had me in tears/ugly face crying, others erupting in laughter but all of them have inspired me in ways i didn't even know i wanted to be inspired!! She is gorgeous, inspiring, strong and just an honest, down to earth stay at home mom of two little girls ... who inspired me to start this blog and I am ashamed that I don't use it to its fullest advantage (like she does) (i have use inspired alot, huh?)

Not to mention I am a HUGE fan of her husbands radio show KANE SHOW on Hot 99.5 
(they are syndicated in alot of other markets)

I arranged a studio visit for my friend (in the blue) for her birthday!! 
Sarah (on air personality, in the vest) sent me an invite to pinterest on this exact day and my life has never been the same hahahahaha (have you seen the parties we have been throwing lately?!)
The man behind me, in the hoodie, that is Natasha's husband, Kane

Jan of 2012!
I have digressed .. Natasha posted a craft she did re-making a shirt she saw. I read the post and thought it was awesome... again wishing i have the drive/time/will/skill to do something like that.
A few days later I was outlet shopping at the same said retailer and saw this
retail price of ... are you ready? .. $54.50 .. at an outlet store!
So naturally, what do i do, I think of the blog entry and I get inspired 

I made one for both my girls!

This is Ella wearing it in action ... chowing down on some Rita's

price for everything (2 shirts) .. $16!! (after coupons of course)

Making this shirt meant alot to me and I am beyond thrilled that I can share it with you!!

Natasha .. you inspire (there goes that word again!) more women then you will ever know!!


  1. You just brought tears to my eyes lady. I seriously have had such writer's block this week. I'm behind on blogging, behind on laundry, behind on projects I swore I'd have done already & was pouting tonight thinking nobody really reads anyway. You just completely re-energized me, you have no idea how much your sweet words meant. (mean!) Thank you, thank you, thank you! And I must say, your shirts are GORGEOUS! Take that Jcrew!!

    1. THANK YOU!!! (I could say so much more but I will leave it at a HUGE THANK YOU!)