Sunday, September 9, 2012

2012 Baltimore Comic Convention

As we have done for many years now, we all piled into the cars and heading over to GB, to take the light rail into Downtown Baltimore to go visit the IDcrew at the 2012 Baltimore Comic Convention.

Looking back at all of my pictures, this is the first year that I don't have any of the kids with any super heroes. After coming for so long it is great to see the artist we seem to gravitate towards year after year. It is great to keep buying and supporting the artist in artist alley.

 I do have a new non ID favorite artist and it is all off of one print.

His name is Ian Glaubinger!

Check him out here

It all started with a shirt. 
As much as I love the flash, I LOVE TONY STARK AND IRON MAN MUCH MORE!! 
He is my superhero!!
I had been looking all day for an Tony/Iron Man Shirt.

We walked by Ian's table and I saw this shirt ..

 Instantly, it feels like my brother in law and I start debating over who will buy it.
 (he won if you are wondering)
As I was debating, the big kids were flipping through Ian's portfolio. I glance over and see what I thought was a Mr. Incredible Print. Upon further inspection, tears fill my eyes. 

It is titled "Glory Days"

I love so much about this photo. I do not know where to begin. The war photo, the paper headline, the medals, THE CANE, the "red skull" on the bookshelf, the helmets, the battled/battered shield but my all time favorite "memory", the kid drawing of Captain America.

uuuuhhhh I am sooo in love with this peice. Once we move into the new house, IT IS GOING IN THE BEDROOM. This one is mine, not B's.

Ian ... you are GREAT!! You have just gained a new fan!

Here are some memories from today:

The black widow print sold, but I didn't even notice this untill my sister pointed it out!!

The big kids (and I) are so proud of daddy and the whole ID Crew!!

I wanted this for my camera bag! hahahahaha but I forgot to go back and get it.

Poor Elyse .. allergies were kicking her behind today :(

Another thing I quickly wanted to talk about is a print B sells. It is a print inspired "by me", he says. 

I have obviously seen this print and I can only dream and wish that I actually looked like this or one day I will again. However today something happened that has never happened before. While at ID's table, I was talking to a guy who walked up, who was admiring B's Brave photo (CLICK ME!)

So as the guy starts talking to everyone at the ID table, I walk away and let them do their thing. Then something happens that has never happened before (to or around me), the guy buys the brave print but then buys the print that was inspired by me. 
This is a super weird and super awkward but super flattering.
Some guy and possibly others, have a picture "of me" (not really but kinda) hanging somewhere or in a frame/book. That' a weird feeling... just wanted to share!

B signing the print "inspired" by me for the guy :)
This was probably my favorite year at the Baltimore Comic Con. 

And as if Elijah talking to Stan Lee last year wasn't the coolest thing ever, AND Stan Lee remembering him being even cooler, WE LITERALLY RAN INTO STAN LEE while walking out for lunch.

This older gentleman brushed my shoulder as we were walking out and when I looked, all I could do was snap and point, like an idiot!! He then proceed to brush up against everyone else in my "entourage" and Elyse is the only one to say "Look, it is Stan Lee". 


Not to get off this and watch Captain america with the Big Kids!!

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