Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sharpie Shirts

I was playing around on Pinterest and came across this while looking up tie dye ideas (another post). So after we made the "legit" tie dye shirts, the kids and I played around.

What you need is:
T-Shirts (I got a 6 pack on undershirts for under $9),
 Rubbing alcohol
Rubber bands
Spray bottle
Plastic cups (i didn't want to use our own cups from home) 

Everything cost me $15 (I already had the Sharpies).

Place the cups in their desired locations and rubber band them.
This not only holds it in place, but help create the tie dye effect

Next, let the kids color away with the sharpies!!

Finally, spray the circles with the rubbing alcohol and watch it spread.

We laid them out on the deck for 3 hours before I washed and dried them.
See the results below:




And I played around making an Avengers one .. hahahaha

I was bummed in the end when the shirts came out lighter and not as colorful as they were before hand! However, the kids had a blast and already want to do it again!! :)

Ok .. I have to go get ready for QAC Seahawks game!! :)

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