Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Chicken Little ... no more

They say a picture is worth a thousand words ... 

And Chicken Little he is no more.

Elijah made his first phone call to a girl over the weekend.

Even if I begin to explain how B reacted to this text or how the exchange went down, I would forget details as half the time I was cracking up. Long story short, Olivia's parents called B, and with that, Elijah called Olivia. She didn't pick up. I asked him what he said when he let a message. He gave me the most embarrassed mortified look and said "mmmooooommm", so I let it go.

He is 10! TEN! Diez! One Zero!

I mean I know times are different (how old do I sound?). Back in "my day", a boy had to call my house. The house phone, the one that plugged into the phone jack and there was a risk your parents would answer. Your parents would "talk" to that friend and then pass the phone off. But who has a house phone anymore? That leaves a cell phone. There was an event recently in which we seriously discussed giving Elijah a phone. Let me be real .. there is a phone in the living room, charged, activated and waiting to go into his hands. I just can't imagine giving my 10 year old a phone. Call me protective, old fashion, crazy .. whatever. He is 10! Why does he need a phone? So Olivia can text him on her own? So they can text in the evening instead of him going outside to play? So he can text friends about his first flag foot ball (soo proud .. pics below!). In talking to other adults, I get a range of answers. People tell me I am over reacting, that he should have the phone and then others say "heck no" he doesn't need a phone. I just don't see the need for him to have a phone. We have contingency plans if someone isn't home when they get home and all those contingency people know how to get a hold of us and they even have emergency contact numbers. I am still wrapping my brain around the fact a he called a girl! What is next? How did we get to this point already?

Before I spend more time trying to understand and make sense ... Enjoy some pictures from Elijah's first flag football game! They are the Sea-Hawks and they beat the Redskins (never thought I'd be happy the Redskins lost). We are making tye dye shirts this weekend to represent!!

He is growing up way too fast!

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