Monday, September 3, 2012

Celebrating squirt!

If you haven't heard, my sister and her husband are awaiting the birth of their first baby 
(one month from today exactly is the due date!)

I will forever refer to my sister as my baby sister and to think that she is soon becoming a mother makes me so emotional and so proud. I can not wait to be an aunt, to spoil that child rotten (and give it back hahahahaha), smell the new baby smell and to help her out in ways I was so grateful our friends and family helped us with the birth of our babies.

Most of all watching her transform into a mother!! :)

Anyways ... here are some pictures from the shower!

B drew this of Aly :( I had tears in my eyes when I first saw it

Aly loves turtles .. hence the baby's nickname of Squirt!!

Blindfold baby food taste test!

Measuring the belly ... Nice job Michael!! 

Gifts and cake!!

<3 MADs <3

Aly and her co-workers 

<3 sisters <3

A friend of ours made this for Aly and Alex ... 
tears all the way around!!
Peng Peng ... you did an amazing job!! 

Now B through Alex a Call of Dooty themed MAN PARTY

B made Alex a Daddy Hospital Survival Kit for LABOR Day
(hehehehe play on words because today is labor day ;) .. corny?)
Alex drinks Caramael Fraps from Starbucks everyday. I saw this Caramel frappuccino Oneise Drink idea from Pinterest and make it into my own.

Yes two TV's in the man cave .. they played Call of Duty side by side on side by side (or something like that)

And of course Call of Dooty cupcakes from JohnBull Cupcakery, again and always!

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  1. thanx for lettin us be a part of the day! fun times as always! =)