Saturday, September 29, 2012

Tie Dye, Thank you!!

Seems like every Saturday I am crafting or trying something new so I have been thinking all week about a fun title to the series ... I have some fun ideas, and I actually think I have a title, but I want to noodle on it a bit longer before kicking it off. So I will finally recap last Saturday's craft .. TIE DYE!!

As you know from previous bogs, Elijah plays flag football on Sunday and his team is the Seahawks. Being that I married into Redskins, I don't own any Navy/Green Team shirts or Seahawks paraphernalia. Couple that with the fact that I have NEVER TIE DYED before, it was a date!

Went to Michael's (my new Friday after work hangout) with my sister (after a pedicure, of course) and got all our supplies!! Now, I want to tie dye EVERYTHING!! 

Yeah .. I bought a kit!! Luckily it was Navy, Green and Teal ($10 at Michaels).

Found a tutorial on how to spin and rubber-band the shirts!! 
I wanted a spiral .. so I did that for Ella and I

Elijah liked the way Bullseye looked .. so we made that for Elyse and Daddy!

see the burgundy and gold?!?!?

Left them in the bag, on the deck, to soak up the dye
Roughly 7 hours

Obi eyeballing us!

Tie Dye, Thank you!!

Today's craft (which got  a sneak peak on twitter) (series name and craft)
 might not be up for a little while ...
It will all make sense when it does come up!!

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